The First Consultation

Each patient is assessed individually and a thorough examination carried out, usually with X Rays. We will:

  • Consider all treatment options available
  • Formulate a treatment plan

A detailed discussion of the alternative treatments is essential and a further consultation may be required when complex treatment is being considered.

Treatment Plan

Depending on individual needs, the treatment plan formulated may be as limited as replacing one tooth or as extensive as reconstructing the whole mouth. Implant treatment may be combined with conventional crowns and bridges.

Agreeing to a Treatment plan

Thorough discussions are always carried out to make sure that all the details are understood and agreed before the treatment is started.

A written treatment plan is given to describe any proposed treatment. We also keep the referring dentist informed of the treatment that is advised, and of its progress.

An estimate of fees and a payment schedule is given with the treatment plan. Payment is usually made in instalments during the course of treatment. We accept cheques, credit cards and bank transfer.

There is a fee for the initial consultation visit(s).