Our specialities

As a specialist practice, we are pleased to accept referrals for:

  • Dental Implant surgery
  • Dental Implant surgery and restoration of the Implant(s)
  • Bone grafts, including sinus augmentation
  • Restorative treatment, including complex cases and re-constructions
  • Aesthetic treatment

Accepting referrals

On referring a patient, we will:

  • Contact the patient without delay and aim to see them within 10 working days or sooner if requested
  • Discuss all treatment options with the patient and keep you informed of the outcome
  • Provide the patient with a comprehensive treatment plan and estimate
  • Carry out specialist treatment for which they have been referred
  • Return the patient to your care on completions of the specialist treatment

Please complete the form below to refer a patient

you can of course contact the practice directly if you wish
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