We use Digital X-ray technology in the form of 2 dimensional images and 3 dimensional scans to gain the maximum clinical information at the lowest x-ray dose.



OPG Radiograph

These images typically provide 2 dimensional views of the teeth and the jaws. They are particularly useful in planning implant treatment. 

Intra Oral Radiograph

For highly accurate 2 dimensional images of small areas of the mouth these digital images are used. They require significantly lower X-rays doses than conventional X-ray film.  


CBCt image.jpg

CBCT Scan 

CBCT scans are used for the accurate location of anatomical features in 3 dimensions. This is essential for certain implant treatment. 

CAD CAM Technology

CAD CAM Technology is often used for its precision and accuracy. 

Courtesy of Createch Medical

Courtesy of Createch Medical



Even with al the technological advances optimal aesthetics are only achieved with the considerable artistic talents of our ceramists.


Modern Ceramics

We select the most suitable modern ceramics to balance the highest aesthetic demands with strength and precision. The materials we choose to use are:

  • Emax, pressed and Layered (Lithium Disilicate)
  • Zirconia
  • Feldspathic Porcelain


missing incisor tooth to be replaced by Implant

missing incisor tooth to be replaced by Implant

Radiograph after implant placed

Radiograph after implant placed



Ceramic crown on implant

Ceramic crown on implant